She returns!

I’m coming back to this blog in a bit. Whether it’s a short bit or a long bit, I have no idea. You might be wondering, though, why I’m writing in English. It’s not so I get a bigger audience – I know review blogs are basically obsolete unless they’re part of a huge networking system, which is not the case. I have no idea how to do that, nor do I have the time to leave comments with links everywhere I go. No. It’s because I seriously need to practice. Thing is, I finished my BA in June. I specialised in English and North-American Studies and, you’ve guessed it – you little genious you – English language was a huge component of the curriculum. But, alas!, I’ve run out of places to practice both my written and spoken English since I left school. So there you have it. If this was an important project with lots of followers and lots of potential, I would write in Portuguese, absolutely. But since it isn’t, English it is. I need to keep it fresh and on point in case I get a job where I might need it.

Cue laughter.


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